Water Safety

The Department of Health Services/Public Health recommends these water safety guidelines to help keep you and your family safe:

  • Always maintain constant adult supervision when children are around water – even a child’s wading pool, bathtub or a 5-gallon bucket of water. This means never taking your eyes off a child in or near water. Do not leave to answer the phone, get a towel, or even look down at a magazine for a moment.
  • Learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). You can take a CPR course through American Medical Response, or contact a community college, hospital, YMCA or local Red Cross chapter.
  • Always empty a children’s wading/blow-up pool immediately after each use.
  • Never let anyone swim alone.
  • Make sure gates and doors leading to pool and spa are self-closing and self-latching.
  • Always keep a telephone inside the pool area.
  • Obey “no diving” signs. If you do not know the depth of the water, enter feet first.
    Keep basic life-saving equipment (pole, rope, lifesaver) in the pool area and know how to use it.
  • Never drink alcoholic beverages while supervising children, swimming or driving a boat. Alcohol impairs judgment, balance, and coordination.
    Remember: swimming lessons do not make a child drown-proof. It is estimated that 25% of the children who drown have had swimming lessons.
  • Always wear a properly fitted Coast Guard-approved life jacket when boating and fishing.